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Higher Education, Interdisciplinarity, and some related things like Expertise and Future of Work

Welcome to my new blog. You can read more about me in the About tab, top left. I'm looking forward to getting back to 'writing and thinking out loud' about Higher Education, Interdisciplinarity and other things that interest me. You can talk to me either here or on my linked Twitter feed.


Dreams and happiness

My friend Peter Gibson told me that if you are happy you are not supposed to want to sleep too much: you want to be awake to enjoy as much of your happy life as possible. But, I told Peter, I am often really happy in my sleep. Actively happy. Laughingly, joyously happy. My dream states are positive cognitive experiences – a good part of my life – and I need to be asleep to experience them. So going to sleep for me does not mean I am only leaving a happy place: the waking plac


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