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Higher Education, Interdisciplinarity, and some related things like Expertise and Future of Work

Welcome to my new blog. You can read more about me in the About tab, top left. I'm looking forward to getting back to 'writing and thinking out loud' about Higher Education, Interdisciplinarity and other things that interest me. You can talk to me either here or on my linked Twitter feed.

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Learning, unlearning and relearning

Some people don’t like this phrase. It was first popularised by Alvin Toffler – he of Future Shock. Those who think the ’21st century learning’ meme is a load of baloney think this is just another cliche, a kind of branding tool for those who think of themselves as ‘progressives’ and visionaries but have no better claim to predicting the future of education than anyone else. But I like the phrase. Here’s 3 reasons why. Drumming As I kid I learned drums. At first I learned the

Update on vlogging for academic purposes

A few points that have arisen since my first vlogs – some sent in via twitter. Thanks to all who have engaged or sent comments. 1. Transcriptions of vlogs 2. Things I miss when vlogging: ability to move my body; ability to engage people physically 3. The importance of practice! 4. Tech in Education. Late adopters, first followers and lone nuts – see Sivers 5. Intros and outros Photo under CC license from woodleywonderworks’ photostream #lecturing #lonenuts #engagement #educat

Experts, PhDs, research, employment – and musicians

There is anxiety that the UK is not producing enough PhD level researchers, particularly in science and engineering. The view of some commentators such as Brian Cox is that this puts our economy and national well-being at risk. There is no doubt that we need experts. And there is no doubt we need cutting edge research and brilliant leading specialists to push things forward. The question is: how many such experts do we need, and would society (and the individuals in it) be be

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