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Failure and Confusion

Encouraged by recent discussions of failure in learning (both here at Wimbledon High School for Girls and at the upcoming PELeCON conference), I discuss both failure and its other ‘negative’ bedfellow: confusion. Living with both failure and confusion is essential to successful learning – and, indeed, a successful life.

PS I’m learning that I do find it hard to think of more technical/academic stuff off the cuff when faced with the camera (e.g. the ‘Popper’ stuff in this vid is a bit jumbled). I think it is partly that while trying to remain a bit more ‘engaging’ with the camera, I lose the ability for more detailed, better constructed thought. This, of course, is all relevant to the ideas of ‘failing’ in the vid (!), and I ‘ll try to find ways to present more ‘academic’ vids in the next few weeks.

Photo under CC license from Sodanie Chea

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