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Reflections on making flipped lectures

I’ve been recording flipped lectures. In this vlog I reflect on points of interest that have come up.

1. How lecturing style can be affected by vlogging.

2. How my particular efforts to be engaging in a telegenic sense may lead to thinking in a different way to that which I am used to in  ‘real world’ lectures.

3. The possibility of using audio only + screenshots as another way of making lecturecasts. (A la Khan Academy, I suppose, though I don’t say that in the vid).

4. The debunking of ‘academic mystique’ through such reflections as these in the video below which give students more access to the thought processes and learning ‘vulnerabilities’ of their university teachers.

5. The necessity – as part of a more open learning culture – to be clear about and to teach academic values.

Postvid: I would like to emphasise that I see flipped lectures and vlogs as closer to conversations than to books or some other written texts. This places such videos, as part of an educational dynamic, in a venerable tradition of those who have written on education, from Michael Oakeshott to Paul Hirst, who emphasise the conversational aspects of education. Even Socrates can be said to be part of this tradition, although I always feel the odds are somewhat stacked so that he wins the argument!

Photo under CC license from stevegarfield’s photostream

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