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Academic vlogging II

Can a vlog ever be truly academic?

What about academic register? The right use of jargon?

Are we ‘rushing to print (video)’ when we vlog, or is this a new and exciting version of an ‘intellectual commmons’?

What about the economic and career consequences of such a move?

Do you think about academic performance? Not in a managerial sense, but in a more theatrical sense?

I discuss these things below.

Afterward: perhaps the greatest thinker of all, the one without whom we may never have had an ‘Academy’ and thus no ‘academics’, was, of course, Socrates. Famously, Socrates never wrote anything down and it was left to Plato and Xenophon to record the thoughts and methods of the great man. If Socrates were alive today, would he have vlogged rather than published?

Photo under CC license from Geograph

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